For my bff

For those of you who don’t know Hailey Birch- by the time you read this post you will practically be at her door step begging to know her.. she’s that awesome.. seriously. Hailey Nicole is one of the most sweet, compassionate, and motivated girls out there. Her open mind is what makes her.. well, Hailey. Despite the obstacles she has faced throughout her life, she continues to put others first and put a smile on everyone’s face. She always figures out how to go above and beyond when making everyone surrounding her feel special.

Hailey –This post is a way to return the love you give and to remind you how special you truly are. The amount of love for you is endless in numerous directions…keep reading and you’ll see.

To the cutest lil bff a girl could ever ask for-


Words cannot even begin to describe my gratitude when it comes to our friendship-but I’m gonna attempt to express my appreciation through this post.

I don’t think you understand the impact you’ve had on people’s lives, especially mine. The day you walked into my life in 6th grade, my world has become a brighter place ever since. You have flooded my world with love, laughs, confidence, and endless memories. You’ve truly made me a better person. 

You are one of few that have believed in me more than have I believed in myself. You have taught me so many lessons through your advice, especially within these past few months. You made me realize my worth, potential, and more importantly you led me towards self love again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for never passing judgment and for being there even at my lowest of lows. 

Happy 18th Birthday my sweet daughter. Where did the time go? Seems like I was just holding you in my arms. You have brought me joy and so much love through the years and for that I thank you. What a remarkable young woman you are. I am very blessed to be your Mom. I am very excited to watch you enter the next chapter of your life and what lies in front of you. You will do amazing things my dear. I LOVE YOU MORE❤️❤️❤️

I think about my 18 years on this earth and I know I’m beyond lucky to have had countless amazing memories- and so many of them are with you! Let’s go back to the middle school days.. oh lord. Staying up until 4am playing Super Mario Bros, running around our neighborhood past 11pm, or spending hours laughing about nothing. Looking back, I’m pretty sure this is where our interest in fashion grew. Except the trends included planning which pants we were going to wear for ‘yoga pant Thursday’ (lol the fact that we thought we were cool). I think it’s safe to say that our style has upped its game.. at least I hope so because some of our outfits were straight up embarrassing. 

​HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY HAILEY! The last 18 years have been wonderful with you by my side as the best sister. I remember fighting over clothes, and who got to sit in the front seat, and who would get dropped off at school first. Look how far our relationship has come. You have grown into an extraordinary beautiful woman, which I am so proud of. I can’t wait to see where life takes you, and I hope you always keep me along for the ride. Thanks for being the most amazing sister and friend anyone can ask for. This year you are going to have so many changes in your life. You will be moving out, starting college, and learning more about yourself than ever. Have the best year yet, Hailey. You deserve it!
Love your big sis–Alysha

Proud doesn’t begin to describe it.  Everytime we talk it’s easy to see why you’re loved by so many. I’ll never forget the day you were born, being so happy to finally be a big brother. This is a huge birthday for you and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Your future is so unbelievably bright- and you deserve all the great things coming your way. I love you Hailey Bear, happy birthday!!

One reason why I think our friendship just works is because we’re so similar, yet so different. We’re always down for adventure-sometimes we have to push each other out of our comfort zones, but if we didn’t we wouldn’t have made some of the memories that we have. Like the fact that when you’re reading this we’re probably on our way to jump to our possible death..skydiving- yet there is no one else I would rather risk my life with. We’ve seen so much together- several concerts and destinations. I mean every concert and place I’ve been to have almost all been with you by my side. (Justin freakin Bieber, Florida Georgia Line, Katy Perry, soon to be Lollapalooza & CUSA!!// Dominican Republic, Cali, North Carolina) I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds and where we go next..hopefully back to LA soon. 

Hailey, words cannot describe how proud we are of you. You have accomplished so much in your life, and you have so much more to come. You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and we know that as you go through life, you will continue to blossom and flourish. You have an astonishingly bright future ahead of you, and we can’t wait to see how far you can go. We will always be here to love, support, and encourage you. Lots of Love
Dad and Beth

Hailey Birch is definitely one of a kind and that’s what makes her so special. She does not change herself to please others and that is extremely inspiring to me. Hailey has also taught me to be proud of how my body looks and to push through my insecurities which has helped me more than she knows. Hailey Birch is the most hard working and earns everything she gains. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her future because it will be nothing short of amazing. Happy Birthday Lovely! Love you!

Hailey, I have known you since kindergarten. You have been amazing to watch grow up. And what a person you have become. I am so proud to have been apart of your life. You are going to take the world on like a storm. Get’em Girl! Love ya with all my heart!

The fact that we desire such a similar life is what makes our  friendship grow together- not apart. People sometimes wonder how/why we’re so close…the answer is because we just get each other. From our instagram aesthetic, to what we want in a guy, down to our life goals…  we want the same things. We’re both not one to sit around and wait for the world to figure things out for us…we wanna do it ourselves. We both want to create our own reality. Let’s hope at one point in time our reality will consist of us living in LA taking on Cali together.. we WILL make it happen. 

Happy Birthday Hailey. My cute little girl has matured into a beautiful person, both inside and out. Your high school years were fun, but the best is yet to come when you’re in college. You have such an amazing life ahead of you. I have never been more proud of you. Remember, I will always love you more.
Grandma Diann

Hails- I’m so excited to take on next year at Edgewood with you! I love having you in my life because of your humor, kindness, loyalty, friendship, and so much more! You deserve to have the best day on your 18th birthday and I hope that you know how much you mean to me and to everyone you know. Love you so much pretty lady and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Beautiful! I can’t wait for all of the roomie adventures in store for us next year. You have such a bright future ahead of you, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you will accomplish. The world is truly a better place with you in it. Love you!

Your driven personality is what’s going to get you far in this lifetime. I admire your motivated attitude that you have 24/7. Whether it’s eating healthy, picking up another shift, or even getting the perfect insta post– you’re constantly pushing yourself to be the best version of YOU. More people need to do that in this world. Not only are you beyond beautiful on the outside but you shine from within as well. 

Happy Birthday Hailey. I am so proud of what an amazing person you have become! I look back on the hundreds of memories of taking care of you as a child, and I will always treasure those fun times. Thanks for also being such a caring cousin. You made it fun for Colton to grow up with you! We love you always!
Aunt Lisa

Happy Birthday Hailey! You are one of the strongest people I know. You inspire not only me, but everyone around you to become a better version of themselves. We have made so many memories and I can’t wait to make many more! Thanks for being so fun, loving and energetic, and for laughing at all my jokes. I can’t wait to see what your future has in store for you. You will do great things! I love you Hailey and I will miss you greatly next year! Hope you have the time of your life skydiving today!

Dear fifth daughter of mine– Do you have any idea what you mean to me? Your constant devotion and unconditional love you have had for me has made my mothering a bit easier. Thank you for always being you! With that my dear, you will go far in this walk of life. Your caring, compassionate, and your way with people will make you go far in any career field you choose. Please know I’m always here for you. there’s nothing I won’t do for you. You can always call Mama Joanie. Thank you for loving my Lillie and always getting her through this journey we are blessed that God chose  you to be her BFF. You can come eat my food anytime. Happy Birthday Hailey! I love you like my own. P.S. your name will forever confuse me with Hailey Tyler
Mama Joanie

Hails- your life has just begun. I can’t wait to watch you chase your dreams. Reach beyond the stars.. if you fall (which I know you won’t) I will ALWAYS be here to catch you. You are going to do BIG things in your life and I’m looking forward to see your accomplishments. I hope when ever you’re feeling anything short of happy, you can look at this post and remind yourself of how loved you really are. 

Thank you for always having Lillie’s back and being a true friend. We have watched your friendship grow ever since you guys were little. You have turned into such an amazing young lady! Have a happy birthday and we wish you lots of success as you begin your journey with college!
Hannah and Maggie

Happy 18th Hails! I love you so so so much. You deserve everything and anything you put your mind to! Thank you for being the bestest friend ever! 

XX Lil 

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