Happy National Dance Day!

I thought I would dedicate a post to the thing that has brought me endless joy in my 18 years–dancing.

When you think of dancing you may picture your parents attempting to bust a move at a wedding (emphasis on attempting), a fun night with the girls, or if you’re like me you think of expressing yourself in a way that words can’t explain.

I started ballet when I was three and never stopped moving since. When I was nine I started competing with my dance studio and then eventually moved on to the high school dance team.


I can’t explain how much of an impact this sport–and yes, I said sport–has had on my life. (For those of you who think it isn’t hard, go try to keep up with a practice and then come talk to me). Along with the many changes in my life–good and bad– dance has always been by my side. This outlet helped me overcome so many obstacles and honestly I don’t know what I would have done without the most consistent thing in my life.

Photo May 11-8

Not only did the sport itself always have my back, but more importantly the family my team developed was a source of endless support. I miss my girls dearly. Looking back makes you realize how fast time goes and I could kick myself for ever wishing it to be over. All the blood, sweat, and tears were beyond worth every memory and friendship created.

This last year was truly the most memorable season I’ve ever had. Along with performing an emotional dance in a state of vulnerability came the best reward–making a statement to peers, parents, and even strangers that society needs to start accepting each other and embrace our differences. With every dance there’s a message and with every dancer there’s a story.

Photo May 11-4

Video: MHSDT Beautiful routine/State 2017

Even though I am not currently on a team, I still get my fix by dancing around my house now and then–we all do it, don’t lie. But seriously, I can’t thank this sport enough for the opportunities/people it has put in my path and happiness it has brought me. I wouldn’t be the same person today if I never put on my first ballet slipper.

Now go bust a few moves–no matter how horrible you think they may be.

xx Lil


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