‘Angels’ fall too

Just some thoughts that popped into my mind. I thought I’d share with you

As you may or may not know the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last week Tuesday on CBS. If you’re like me and my family, this is basically considered to be a holiday tradition similar to watching the movie Elf at least 5 times during the month of December (okay okay I won’t lie to you…I watch that year round). Not only is it mind-blowing to see the designs, but the overall production of the show is incredible.

Anyways, if you watched the show or have been keeping up with social media you may have seen one of the models fall on the runway. You may be thinking why I would even consider to write this post? But just trust me there’s a rhyme to my reason. Just keep reading.


Many people’s reaction to the incident was probably around the lines of “omg that poor thing,” “did that actually happen?” or even “I feel so sorry for her.” (I’m just going to say to the people who laughed, please do the world a favor and go gain some empathy) My first initial reaction was definitely feeling sorry for her, but as I thought about the situation more I just realized that it’s not exactly sad that she fell, but how much publicity and attention it received. Including myself, some questioned why the producers left the fall in if they film the show twice? This is a debatable topic, but after thinking my take is that they left it in not only for publicity, but to prove the point that these models are like everyone else. Many were understanding of Ming’s tumble; however, after looking through the comments of her Instagram post and other articles, I found some pretty unnecessary statements. I mean she is in one of the most idolized fashion shows that occurs…give her a break.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but honestly society needs to look at the big picture…she’s human. Might I add that she got up in the most graceful way possible with the help of another model (The fact that she got up and kept going with a smile on her face is something that most would not be able to do). The girls may be referred to as angels, but in reality they are all human and are prone to taking a tumble just like anyone else. Like many, I’m clumsy and trip on a weekly basis and if I had 5 inch heels on along with a heavy set of wings I would most likely tip over.


The point of this quick post was to share my thoughts on the situation. Some may think “this is stupid, why even acknowledge the incident?” but this is essentially my point. These models prepare for these shows every day by working out, eating clean, and over all just living a healthy lifestyle. People are constantly criticizing them and their work which is inevitable when being in the spotlight. Obviously I don’t know exactly, but from what I can tell it is especially hard for models because they’re seen as basically robots and are constantly being pick apart due to envy. Many criticize Victoria’s Secret models for setting high beauty standards which I completely understand…yet when a normal humane mistake occurs that we make multiple times in a week, society still finds a way to make a mockery out of the situation. Basically these models can’t please anyone. Overall, I’m trying to say is that our society is so immune to media and celebrities lives that we forget everyone is equal in the sense that we’re all humans and definitely not perfect no matter how much one is thought to be.

“…Thank you to all the girls who rushed to comfort me at back stage after what happened, you are all family to me. Lastly thank you to everyone who sent and left me supportive messages. I will pick myself up from where I fell, and I will keep going in order to repay all the support you all have given me!! ❤️” -Ming Xi via Instagram

To end on a good note… as I previously mentioned there were mean comments for sure, but there was also endless support which is what this world needs more of. It’s clear that this was an unfortunate incident, especially that the show took place in the model’s hometown Shanghai, but I just want to remind you to stop and be kind to othersand realize that everyone is just simply trying to work through life. Even if the person making a simple mistake isn’t a celebrity..we’re all human and we all need a break sometimes.

Cliché quote:

“Falling down is apart of life. Getting back up is living” -Anonymous

Thanks for reading this post!
Happy Sunday!

XX Lillie Jane

Ming’s Instagram Post  

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