Dorm Tour

Hey there! I figured since I have spent almost an entire semester living in the dorm, I’d share how I decorated and made it somewhat of an enjoyable place to be!

Obviously living in a dorm isn’t the most luxurious place to live, but I will admit that mine is one of the nicer ones. I mean I don’t prefer the pea green accent wall, but it will do for a year I suppose. Did I mention we have A/C? In addition, to the photos you’ll see below, there is a common area that I share with my roommate and suitemates. It consists of a full size fridge, a sink, a microwave and a pretty big walkway area. On top of that, we have a full size bathroom in our suite as well. I definitely got lucky with my dorm set up!

As far as my actual dorm room goes, I basically created another version of my room back home. I did buy a lot of decor, but I also brought a lot from home like most of the throw pillows and wall decor. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I think the lofted beds allow for much more room, and open the area up a little bit more. It is also nice to have what I call our ‘mini living room’ underneath our beds to relax and watch some Netflix.

To make the room a little bit less miserable and more cozy, I recently added the Christmas lights/tree. It is super nice to cuddle up with a blanket, tea, and watch a movie at the end of the day. #grandmalife #noshame

I linked as many of the items as I could down below (or similar) in case you’re wondering where I got anything!


img_4260.jpgIMG_4220IMG_4204IMG_4174IMG_4173IMG_4177IMG_4178IMG_4205 IMG_4208IMG_4171IMG_4191IMG_4195IMG_4201IMG_4194IMG_4185IMG_4210IMG_4253

  • Dorm Tips
    1. Loft both of your beds (if you have a roommate). It gives you so much more room to actually move & it opens up the room so you don’t feel so cramped. 
    2. Get a futon! It was probably the best decision my roommate and I made. As I said before, it is super nice to just watch TV, do homework, or take a quick snooze. 
    3. Get some sort of storage cubes: I really enjoy my 6 cube organizer. I got one for the each of us and my roommate and I fit so much inside of them. It also somewhat looks like an entertainment center. 
    4. Hang lights: this is pretty self explanatory. It just makes everything so much better and bright
    5. Bring a fan: If you’re like me, you won’t be able to sleep without it. But it might get hot, especially if you aren’t fortunate to have A/C
    6. Bring a TV: Even if you don’t watch a lot of tv it is super nice to just have. Especially if the building has cable. I would also recommend in investing in an Apple TV so you don’t always have to watch Netflix on your laptop. 
    7. Make a gallery wall: I think the amount of decor I have is what makes my dorm room feel like a mini apartment in a sense. The gallery wall adds a personal touch and it looks like you tired super hard when you  truly didn’t.
    8. Bring a decent amount of extension cords…you’ll need them…trust me. 
    9. Get some sort of organizer for your makeup, everyday essentials…it will save you so much time in the morning rather than digging through a makeup bag. 
    10. Buy a couple of different mirrors. It opens up the room without taking up space. I have one in the back of my desk and it adds so much. Also, I would highly recommend in investing in a vanity mirror that lights up if you wear makeup. This will be super nice because you’ll be able to get ready without waking up your sleeping roommate. 
  • Links

♥Special thanks to Hailey Birch for taking these pictures

Thank you so much for reading!
XX Lillie Jane


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