17 Memories in 2017

If I had started my New Year’s resolutions/goals on January 1st this blog would have been posted about 12 days ago. However, I’ll just be honest..my life is not that put together. I’ll freely admit I’ve been enjoying my vacay time (aka winter break) hanging with friends/family, binge watching Netflix, and catching up on the sleep that probably wasn’t even lost. Anyway, posting my favorite memories is something that I promised myself I would share and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Keep reading to review the best of  my 2017! // Click to see my year in review video!

  1. Starting this blog 04/30/17
    Let’s just start with the obvious… this is probably my favorite out of these favorites. Why? Because if I hadn’t started it when I did, this post probably wouldn’t even exist. I was beyond hesitant to start this platform due to the possibility of getting made fun of (which I did and still do), but I can’t say how proud I am that I got over the fear of other’s opinions. The fact that I take the time to write and others take the time to read means the absolute world to me. I can’t express my gratitude when complete strangers have told me that they have read my blog and have encouraged me to continue. It’s times like these that keep me motivated and make me so happy that I stuck with it. I am beyond excited to continue to post new content in the new year! 

  2. Graduating High School
    For the longest time, I thought high school would never actually be over. The Class of 2017 actually did it! I knew this day would come eventually but I never thought it would be so soon! Walking across the stage was bitter sweet. Overall, I’m glad I’m on to the next chapter of my life. 

  3. Senior Trip//Dominican Republic 
    All I will say is that this was seriously one of the best weeks of my life for various reasons. 

  4. Country USA
    Even though you couldn’t pay me to go back, it was a good getaway with friends before we all headed to college & seeing FGL/Blake Shelton was a plus. 

  5. Skydiving
    Not only was this a fav memory of 2017, but it was for sure a favorite of my entire life. Words can’t even describe the feeling & doing it with my bff topped the memory off. 10/10 would recommend. (Tip: if you do it, which you should at least once in your life, pay extra for the GoPro video. It’s worth every penny).
    Hailey’s Video//My Video (clips included)

  6. Shooting with @marcelklemetson 
    Not only does he take beyond amazing photos, but he’s truly an enjoyable person to be around. Honestly, shooting with him is also what triggered me to start a blog & feel comfortable in front of a camera…well at least more than I was before. Make sure to check him out & stay tuned for some more pics! 

  7. Lollapalooza 
    Now this is a music festival that I would love to go to again! I don’t know if my #gmalife will encourage attending all four days but definitely a couple! The thing that truly made it the best experience was going with my bff. I mean the pictures we took says it all. Also not to mention our outfits/makeup…I mean I love any excuse to slap some glitter on my body. 

  8. Family Weddings 
    I haven’t been to a family wedding since I was eight years old and I hit a double whammy this year because each side of my family had a wedding. There is nothing like busting a move with the people that are closest to you and eating bomb food. Not only did I get to celebrate with my family, but since my cousin in-law works at the same restaurant as me I got to celebrate with my coworkers too! This year I definitely got #weddingfever, but I guess my Pinterest board will do for now. Also, S/O to my mama and her fiancé for getting engaged. This time I will actually get to see you as a beautiful bride ♥ 

  9. Last season w/ MHSDT
    Wrapping up my last season as a team member was definitely something that I will never forget. Not only did I get to do one of my favorite things, but I got to do it with some of my favorite people! This season/routine was by far my favorite and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it. I love that I can come back and visit my old teammates and watch them kill it on the floor as usual. #MHSDTordie/Click to read the post for #NationaDanceDay 

  10. Moving to MKE//aka the next chapter in my life 
    As I finish my first semester at UWM, I look back and think how proud I am that I was able to take the initiative to move away from Madison. Although it’s only an hours away, it was still hard to be away from home, but I’m glad I was able to venture off and create a life of my own. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and even though this wasn’t my top pick for a University it is a stepping stone that is helping me get to where I need/want to be. Who knows what or where 2018 will bring me? 

  11. Badger Game Days 
    Yes, I know I’m not a Badger.. but coming home to Madison to hang with friends for the game created some of the best memories! I mean how could I pass up an opportunity to jump around a little?!…try not to laugh at my puns. 

  12. Halloween
    Once again, I went back to Madtown to see some of the best people I know. The cold was definitely not the highlight of the weekend, but partying with my mom might have been. Not to mention, I was pretty happy with the way my somewhat last-minute costumes turned out. 

  13. Weekends spent with my BFF 
    Should I state the obvious and say that we spent literally 90% of 2017 together, even when we lived miles apart. And here we were back in the summer thinking we would never see each other once college started. When I didn’t come home, my bff usually came to see me. Honestly, I can’t explain how much this meant to me. It brought a sense of ‘home’ to MKE. It was always nice seeing a familiar face in a new place. And s/o to hails for surprising me on my bday. Literally best lil bff I could wish for. Click to read the blog I made for her on her 18th bday ♥ 

  14. Exploring my new home
    Even though UWM wasn’t my top choice for a university, I am glad the campus is close to a big city. The third ward is by far my favorite spot to visit. It has so many cute restaurants and places to take cute instas. I’m looking forward to discovering new spots this semester! 

  15. Meeting new people
    Being stuck in a brand new place is beyond scary, especially when you don’t know anyone. I am so glad to have met some awesome people early on in the semester who have made adjusting a lil easier. I am looking forward to meeting more in the future! 

  16. Spending time with my four legged bff 
    Obviously saying goodbye to my love was far from a favorite memory, but spending time and making sure Honey had the best last few days possible was something that I wouldn’t change for the world. I will forever miss your cuddles and the smile you put on my face. Love you forever my darling ♥ 

  17. New Year’s Eve/Day
    Ringing in the new year with my friends was all I wanted & I did exactly that. I could have done it without the negative degree weather though. Obviously it’s always this time of year that you begin to reflect back and also look forward into the future. Getting out my planner and setting resolutions/goals was a highlight to my year as it made me recall all of the opportunities, memories, and lessons I encountered in 2017. 

    S/O to 2017 for the great memories, but I hope the best is yet to come. 2018 bring it on!!

    Thank you so much for reading!
    XX Lillie Jane

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