Spring Break 2018

Cheers to no classes, zero worries, and sunny days!! Unfortunately, this break has come to an end..until summer that is. In the mean time, I will be reminiscing about my vacay & what better way to do it than creating a blog post?!

If you follow my instagram it would have been hard to miss the highlights of my vacay in LA/Las Vegas. Sorry…but there was just too many insta opportunities & beautiful views so I couldn’t resist to post!

Overall, a vacation to my favorite place was much needed! The weather in LA wasn’t the best (65 & sunny-ish) but who am I to complain? Luckily I got a couple of good days in Las Vegas to lay out by the pool… rough life right? & to top it all off I got to see my seesta Hailey!

Of course I had to start the vacation off by strolling the streets of Venice. This location will never fail to keep things interesting and full of variety! The amount of food stands, store fronts, music, and entertainment is unreal! 10/10 would recommend!

If you couldn’t already tell from the pics above, LA definitely fed my obsession with pink everything! I mean come on!!

I LOOK TO MY RIGHT AND I SEE THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN!! Yes, I made the hike all the way up there. Although I am not one who typically enjoys hikes, I would argue that this is one that everyone should do in their lifetime. Just don’t get lost like I did…the 8 miles and blisters were totally worth the views and pics! lol

The last two times time I visited Cali, I went to Laguna Beach which is probably one of my favorite spots ever! Except after visiting Malibu for the first time, I think I found Laguna some competition! Both places are so beautiful that words can’t even describe! I would highly recommend going to Paradise Cove in the Bu if you ever get the chance as well as Malibu Farm! Both places have amazing food and insta worthy pics! & not to mention the views are breathtaking.

Yes believe your eyes! That is the set of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. that I am chillin’ in and the stairs where Ross asks Rachel to prom. I am of course your typical tourist and took a tour of the Warner Brother’s Studio. Again, this is something that I recommend you doing at least once in your life. You will see so many sets from your favorite movies and TV shows. I saw the entire town of Rosewood from PLL, various sets from f.r.I.e.n.d.s, The Big Bang Theory sound stage, and the Full House house. It was all my childhood dreams come true.

LA is definitely home of the best wall art. I couldn’t pass up any photo opportunity.

oh & hey Hails! Fancy seeing you there 😉

Even though I was sad to say goodbye to LA (hopefully my future home), I was so excited because the next step was Las Vegas. Honestly, I don’t recommend making the trip to Vegas unless your of age, but I had a good reason to…to see my freakin beautiful sister Hailey! This was my third time to Vegas, yet it was still super fun! It also didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect for this Wisconsinite to get her tan on!

Having a sister that works at a pool on the Las Vegas strip has its perks!

Even though it was good to get away for a lil bit and escape the reality of University, I am glad to get back and finish the year off. Summer is right around the corner and I seriously can’t wait! I have exciting plans for next year and I am looking forward to the new adventures that I have in store!!

I’m itching to go back to the West Coast and create more and even better memories! LA will forever have my heart! & P.S. Hailey can you please come to Wisco? I already miss ya seesta!

I hope you had an amazing spring break whether you went somewhere new or stayed home and relaxed! Live in the moment & enjoy the rest of the year. Before you know it we will all be wearing shorts and swimsuits (at least that’s what I keep on telling myself).

Thanks for reading!

Lillie Jane

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